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Laptop, PC System and Apple Mac Repairs at Oxford Mobiles & Computers Ltd.


For our computer services, we are regarded as the “go-to” choice by local businesses, IT Managers, Teachers, Students and home users, throughout Oxford and Oxfordshire. We provide friendly customer service; our highly-competent technicians (Microsoft and Apple Mac Qualified) work fast to get your equipment serviced and ready as quick as possible. We do not inflate our prices and take pride in our low charges.

We are established & Highly reputed skills & developed a unique systematic approach in providing the highest levels of professional computer servicing at very low costs. We have proven, in these years, to be a great source for satisfying computing needs and solving the most complex Hardware problems e.g; Components Level, Sound, No Display, Graphics, Motherboard, Liquid or Water Damaged, Software related issues, Reinstallation, Data Recovery, Software and Network Wifi, Broadband etc.

Overview of our services

(The following applies for both PCs and Apple Macs, desktops and laptops)


Thorough inspection of your hardware and software to attempt a detailed and accurate identification of the problems/errors. An inspection is a free service when followed up with either a repair or upgrade service, as a stand-alone service the cost varies between £20.00 – £30.00.  We agree a quote with you before starting the service.


This includes repairing a huge range of software and hardware based faults and cleaning your system of malicious software (such as Viruses, spyware, Trojans). This is our most popular service; it covers almost all areas of computer/laptop faults, from the simplest to the most complex problems. The standard cost is £30.00 – £45.00 excluding cost of any needed parts (subject to your approval).


RAM upgrade installation + testing is free (for PC & laptop). Other hardware upgrades and testing to desktops and laptops normally are charged at £15.00. This price excludes cost of hardware parts (only applicable if purchased from us).

We Believe on NO FIX NO FEE

Custom Computer Assembly

Professionaly have your computer parts assembled & tested by our technicians at our workshop. You can purchase the parts from us or from elsewhere. Required parts: computer case, PSU, motherboard, CPU, CPU fan/heatsink, RAM. The cost is £20.00 – £30.00.

Special Order

We are normally able to obtain rare parts and components for computers and laptops. We can also get new/rare models of laptops and hardware parts thanks to our long lasting business relationships with our distributors. We commonly order laptop LCD screens, inverters, batteries, hinges, keyboards and more. Contact us for information, quotes and ETA.



Laptop, Notebook, TabletPC

Ranges between
dependant on your laptop/model and the work undertaken
contact us for quote

Data Backup, HDD Format, Windows Re-Installtion (*), Drivers Installtion, System Optimisation, Full Windows Updates, Anti-Virus Installation, Data Restore

Generally £40.00

Data Backup, HDD Format, OS Re-Installtion (**), System Optimisation, Full OS Updates, Data Restore

Generally £40-80.00

Copy/restored on to: external hard drive, DVDs, USB Pen drive

Ranges between
£20.00 -60.00
depentant on amount of data, nature of problem, time taken T&C Applies
contact us for quote

(For PCs, Laptops & Macs)
Format HDD (if requested), install/repair OS (Windows*/Mac OS X**), fully security update the OS, install drivers if applicable

Ranges between


How to find us and obtain our services

(29 Upper Bar, Templars Square Shopping Centre, Oxford OX4 3UX)

Bring your faulty equipment in to our store anytime between 10:00am – 6:00pm, (Monday – Saturday & Sunday 11:00 am -4:00 pm) and one of our staff members will log your machine in to our service queue. You do not need to pre-arrange your Appointment.



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