Free Delivery
Many selected products are delivered for free, in particular certain cables, ink cartridges, memory sticks and more. To know whether an item is a free delivery item, please look out for the following image, which can be seen at the top of a product’s details page:

NOTE: The delivery charge is not applied per item; it is applied to the order total only.

Orders dispatched at 4.30pm
All online orders submitted before 4.30pm are normally dispatched on the same working day. If you place an order after 4.30pm it will be dispatched on the next working day. Orders are dispatched every day, except Sunday.

Due to a very competitive pricing structure that we provide to our customers, we only accept return of faulty goods. Therefore customers are required to borne the responsibility to acquire, understand and adopt as much information about the product(s) such as compatibility, features and other relevant details prior to the purchase or order.

Please refer to our policy below and do not hesitate to contact us.

Conditions of Returning Faulty Goods

  • Goods that are faulty can be exchanged within 7 days.
  • Transport charges may be applicable by customer both ways of returned items.
  • We will not accept or replace any damaged goods caused by misuse or improper handling.
  • All products, unless noted otherwise, are sold with the full warranty of the manufacturer.
  • The warranty period and service varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • For more information regarding the manufacturers’ warranty please read the documentation that arrives with the product or prior to making the order/purchase please ask us about the products’ ‘manufacturers’ warranty’.

Customers may be required to contact the manufacturer’s technical support department directly, to acquire authorisation to return any faulty computer hardware products.

Procedure for Returning Faulty Goods

  1. All faulty goods to be returned will require a Return Authorisation (RA) Number before they can be returned.
  2. To obtain a Return Authorisation Number, please contact us.
  3. The Return Authorisation number should be clearly written on a label placed on the outside of the shipping carton – do not write directly on the carton.
  4. If the Return Authorisation number cannot be identified, the product will be returned to you immediately at your expense.
  5. Oxford Mobiles & Computers recommends that products returned by post should be sent by registered or certified mail.
  6. Transport charges may be payable by customer both ways of returned items.
  7. Oxford Mobiles & Computers accepts no responsibilities for loss or damage occurring in transit on return to Oxford Mobiles & Computers.
  8. Oxford Mobiles & Computers has a facility in place with a national courier company which can assist with the return of goods. (Contact us for further information if and when required)
  9. Returns take approximately 1-2 weeks or more to process from the date of receipt of goods by Oxford Mobiles & Computers (exceptions to this may occur from time to time).

Return of Software
Unopened or defective software can be returned for replacement. However non-defective opened software will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Dead on Arrival is a term used to describe products, which are damaged or faulty at the time of receipt by the customer.

Should you receive any product which is dead on arrival you must notify Oxford Mobiles & Computers immediately, either by email or by phone on 01865 204794 within 1 day advising the date of purchase, invoice number and the serial number of the product.

If a product returned as “dead on arrival” is found not to be faulty, you will be charged a no-fault fee of £15.

In the event of damage, incompleteness, error or any other visible defect or non-conformity, the customer is obliged to refuse the goods or only to accept them subject to written reserve. Every complaint in relation to the goods which are delivered must be submitted to us by registered letter within five days after receipt, making reference to the invoice number or, if there is no such number, to the delivery note. After the expiry of this period the complaint will no longer be taken into account. Any return of goods will only take place after prior written confirmation by Oxford Mobiles & Computers. More specifically; the customer service of Oxford Mobiles & Computers will assign a returns number (RA) to the customer. When the goods are returned, this returns number must be clearly indicated on the packaging. Only goods which are in good condition and in their original packaging can be returned. Every complaint relating to our invoices must be submitted to us by registered letter within ten days after their receipt. Failing this they will be deemed to have been accepted without any reserve whatsoever. A complaint cannot under any circumstances justify suspension of payment.


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