LDNIO Dual USB In Car Charger for iPhones with LIGHTNING CABLE


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Dual 2 USB in 1 Car Charger for iPhone 5 5C 5S / Mini  iPad iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Included!


The charger offers a quick way to charge your  iPad  Mini, iPod (lLightning Socket), iPhone 5, 5C and 5S while on the move. The  PowerJolt is a 12 V car charger that delivers 5 V DC @ 2.1-amps and 10 W.  This is the required power necessary to charge your iPad. However, you can  also quickly charge your iPod and iPhone. If you have the right cable, you  can pretty much charge any USB-chargeable device. The included dock cable  can also be used to sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod with your computer.

Low-Profile Design
The charger has a low-profile, super compact form-factor
This car charger comes with the Lightning cable for charging iPad  mIni, iPod and iPhone. With additional proper cable, you can charge  almost any mobile device that is USB-chargeable
The SmartFuse circuit breaker eliminates the possibility of blown  fuses, meaning there are no fuses to replace ever


Car Adapter Input 12 V DC
Car Adapter Output 5 V DC @ 2.1-amps
Power Output 10 W




Dual USB charger For iPad Mini iPhone 5, 5C & 5S, iPod
Detachable USB Charge / Sync Cable For iPod & iPhone

USB to Lightning Cable



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